Baby Christmas Pajamas for the Holidays

baby christmas pajamas

How cute is this? Posed in front of the fireplace and Christmas tree, no less!

The holiday seasons are approaching, and if you have babies (or small children) in the house as we do, that’s a very special time for you. Christmas is one of those times when you really come to appreciate being a parent. Everything becomes a memory or a new tradition. You find yourself doing things — like putting out milk and cookies for Santa — that you haven’t done since you were a kid. And even if it’s your baby’s first Christmas (and you know he or she won’t remember a thing), you want to make it as special as possible.

Christmas Pajamas for the Baby

Finding a cute set of Christmas pajamas for baby is one great way to do that. It makes for a great photo opportunity (exhibit A to the right) and captures this moment in time in your child’s life. Heck, if you want to go all out, there are lots of matching Christmas pajama sets for the whole family. I’m not willing to go that far, but I did look around to find some of the cutest baby pajamas on Amazon.

Baby christmas tree pajamas Reindeer Long Johns

Mud Pie Baby-girls Newborn Triple Tree 2 Piece Set

Long sleeve Christmas tree shirt, polka-dot pants and an adorable tutu!

Mud Pie Newborn Reindeer Long Johns

These long johns will keep your little reindeer warm over the holidays!

Santa Pajamas for Baby Reindeer Baby Pajamas

Mud Pie Baby-Girls Santa Tunic And Leggings

This is a cute 2-piece set with flared bottoms on the pants and a polka dot Santa shirt.

Carter’s Red Reindeer Snug-fit Pajama Set

A cozy pajama set with bright colors and a cute reindeer on the front.

I believe in Santa Pajamas

I believe in Santa Claus!

Do You Believe in Santa?

We just watched The Polar Express, another favorite holiday tradition of ours. The movie (and also the book) really set the stage for the holiday season, and remind kids that Christmas isn’t just about presents.

It’s a great defense against the seeming barrage of cartoons, movies, and even (gasp) Disney productions in which the existence of Santa is doubted. You have to be so careful in what you let your impressionable young little ones watch this time of year! Also, what they might overhear: Be prepared to kick or elbow eggnog-soused relatives who might blab the wrong thing out in front of your kids.

With that in mind, here are two more little Christmas pajama sets that I love, for your little ones who still believe. Put them on Team Santa this year!

I believe in Santa Set Santa Overalls for Baby

Mud Pie Infant I Believe Santa Set

This machine-washable 2-piece set inclues red corduroy pants with green tree embroidered pattern, and a white long-sleeved shirt.

Mud Pie Santa Infant Overalls

These adorable red-and-white-striped overalls have a felt Santa applique, snap closures, and matching back pockets.

All of these are available at Amazon right now; even standard shipping will get them to you well before Christmas. You might also enjoy our article on cute baby pajamas for year-round; we found some adorable sleeper sets out there!

Are Christmas Pajamas Worth It?

Some part of me wonders if it’s silly to buy pajamas that they’re only going to wear a few times in December (and possibly January, depending on how long you stay in the spirit). But they’re so cute, especially for taking photos that you can give as gifts or send to relatives. Also, a lot of families have the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve, which is perfect if it happens to be a set of cozy pajamas for your little one.

So yes, go ahead and spoil your little one with some cute Christmas pajamas! Or get them as a gift for friends or relatives. The photos will be well worth it. And while we’re on the subject, see last week’s article on keeping baby jolly over the holidays.