About Us

Getting a newborn baby to sleep consistently is one of the biggest challenges faced by new parents. Too often, I hear stories from parents whose baby sleeps just a half hour at a time, or only falls to sleep while being held (and wakes up when set in bed). Some parents get up with the baby each time, and then drag themselves through the rest of the day on very little REM sleep. Some parents sleep in a chair in the baby’s room while holding him, which is both uncomfortable and unsafe. Bottom line, babies that don’t acquire good sleeping habits are exhausting, both to themselves and their parents.

My Babies and Sleeping

I’ve been through it myself, first with my 2-year old daughter, and now with my 7-month-old twin boys. I don’t claim to be a guru of any kind, but in the past few years, I’ve learned a lot. By the age of six months, all three of my children were sleeping through the night (most nights), which is no small feat, especially for twin boys who share a room. Some of this may be from luck, but most of it is from putting in the time and the effort to establish good sleeping habits for babies.

Why I Started This Site

I started this site to compile tips and suggestions for new parents, or seasoned parents with new babies. My goal is to help you get your baby to sleep quickly, routinely, and for long enough that you can sleep yourself or get a few things done around the house. I want to help people, that’s reason #1. Reason #2 is just that I love blogging. This isn’t my first blog, or even my second. I’ve done it enough that I can start a new blog or web site in 20 minutes.

If You Have Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or suggestions for this site, I’d love to hear them. Please also feel free to leave comments, as long as they’re positive or constructive. Occasionally I get the grumpy person who disagrees with something I write and leaves a nasty comment. Full disclosure: I can, and do, delete such comments.

You can write to me directly at author [at] get-your-baby-to-sleep [dot] com. Make sure you replace [at] with @ and [dot] with a period.

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