The 3 Best Crib Mattresses

baby sleeping on crib mattressKeeping your baby comfortable is an important aspect of baby sleep training. That comfort starts with the crib mattress, which (as you’ll find) usually doesn’t come with the crib. There are almost as many options for baby mattresses as adult mattresses!

Most baby crib mattresses also fit a toddler bed, so this is a mattress that your little one could sleep on for the next 3-4 years. To help you, we’ve compiled our picks for the best baby crib mattresses in a few different categories: all-around mattresses, extra firm, and organic mattresses.

All-around Mattresses
Extra Firm Mattresses
Organic Mattresses


Best All-Around Crib Mattresses

best crib mattresses There are many good options for an all-around mattress. They’re roughly a standard size in terms of length and width (52 inches by 27 inches), though the depth can vary. And you should still measure the crib or toddler bed it’s for. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right mattress for your baby:

  • Don’t make the mistake of getting a cheap 3″ thick mattress. Technically one will work, but it’s flimsy. Quality mattresses are 5 inches thick or more.
  • Your baby doesn’t need a super-soft mattress. In fact, firm mattresses are safer because they reduce the chances of suffocation.
  • Even though they’re kind of bulky, if you buy a crib mattress online, you can usually get free shipping. I won’t lie, it’s fun to get a huge package in the mail, even if it’s just a baby crib mattress.

Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Crib Mattress

best kolcraft baby mattressKolcraft is a family company (started in 1946) whose core business is producing safe, sturdy mattresses for cribs. The Kolcraft 150 crib mattress is so named because it contains 150 steel coil springs, densely packed together to provide firm and consistent support, and covered with soft hypo-allergenic material.

It fits standard cribs as well as toddler bed frames, and comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. This is a well-made mattress that’s both firm and thick (some crib mattresses you see are a paltry 2 to 3 inches thick). For all-around quality this is an outstanding and affordable choice.

And best of all, it’s made in the U.S.A.!

  • Perma-Dri cover that’s both durable and waterproof; it wipes clean with a damp cloth.
  • Phthalate and flammability compliant without toxic fireproofing chemicals.
  • Natural airflow pocket to keep mattress fresh without any metal venting
Dimensions: 51.62 inches long by 27.25 inches wide x 5.00″ deep
Reviews: Kolcraft crib mattress reviews
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Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress

Here’s an excellent mattress whose durable core is made from a renewable resource: American soy. It’s made from high-density soybean foam that’s both hypoallergenic and more durable than traditional foams.

The result: extra support and reduced sagging. It’s also lightweight, which is useful when you have to change the sheets or lower the crib.

This mattress meets flammability standards, is made in the U.S.A., and comes with a lifetime warranty. It fits a standard crib and a toddler bed frame. Overall, a great American-made mattress that supports farm families!

  • Soy-based high density foam core to reduce sagging
  • Water-resistant and wipes clean with damp cloth
  • Square-cut corners for snug fit in cribs
  • Airflow pocket to let mattress breathe
Dimensions: 51.6 inches long x 27.2 inches wide x 5 inches deep
Reviews: Sealy baby Mattress Reviews
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Sealy baby crib mattress
Sealy soybean core mattress


Extra Firm Crib Mattresses

Babies don’t need the cloud-like pillowy mattresses that their parents might prefer. In fact, a firm mattress is safest because it won’t let your baby sink into it or get caught between the mattress and the side of the crib. And as you’ve probably seen, babies can fall asleep just about anywhere. Between the baby fat, the diaper, the clothes, and the swaddler, there’s plenty of padding to go around!

Serta Nightstar Extra Firm Crib Mattress

Our favorite crib mattress in the extra firm category is made by legendary mattress company Serta (of “Perfect Sleeper” fame). Its full perimeter border wire and heavy gauge coils provide an extra firm, balanced, and supportive sleeping surface. Cloth binding at the edges and “lock stitching” add to the durability. And the laminated cover is easy to clean.

As mattresses go this is on the larger side of standard, so it fits quite snugly into most cribs with no room at any edge. And the fact that your baby can stand on the reinforced sides without sagging is a real comfort. This is by far the most safety-conscious crib mattress we’ve come across.

  • Top insider layer is Serta Fireblocker; outside is a cotton blend
  • Border wire keeps edges firm even if baby is standing
  • Meets all federal and state standards
  • 25 year warranty
Dimensions: 52.5 inches long x 27.3 inches wide x 5.8 inches deep
Reviews: Firm Mattress Reviews
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Organic Baby Crib Mattresses

If you’re teaching your baby about organic materials, the first place to start is where he or she sleeps. Happily, there are a some excellent organic baby mattresses out there. Generally “organic” means that the covering and comfort layers (padding) are made from organic materials such as organic cotton. There’s no disadvantage to this; organic mattresses are just as water-resistant as non-organic ones.

L.A. Baby Organic Cotton Orthopedic Crib Mattress

LA baby organic crib mattressThe most popular organic baby mattress on Amazon (and a consistent bestseller overall) is the organic cotton two-sided orthopedic crib mattress from L.A. Baby. Two-sided mattresses like this are less common these days for a simple reason: they last longer than a one-sided mattress because you can flip them over on a routine basis. There’s also an extra support on the sides for your infant’s safety and orthopedic comfort.

The cotton insulator pad and comfort layers are made from 100% certified organic cotton materials. Cloth bindings prevent the edge seams from splitting, and the mattress meets all federal and state flammability standards.

  • Certified 100% organic cotton insulator pad and comfort layers
  • Water-resistant, antibacterial surface
  • 240 inner coil springs of 15.5 gauge steel
Dimensions: 52 inches long x 27.5 inches wide x 5.8 deep
Reviews: Organic Mattress Reviews
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Willow Natural Coconut Palm Crib Mattress

Organic coconut palm mattressThis mattres is made by Da Vinci, a well-respected maker of mini cribs for babies. It’s constructed of a natural coconut palm fiber and filled with latex-free foam to provide a completely organic foundation for your baby’s crib.

I’m not thrilled about the fact that this mattress is made in China, but I know that Da Vinci prides themselves on craftsmanship, and those who have bought this mattress simply love it. It’s balanced and engineered to be usable on both sides (one for infants, one for toddlers).

And the idea that it’s made from a coconut palm tree is simply enchanting. Why can’t more things be made of them?

  • Engineered and balanced to be used on both sides (flippable)
  • Soft 100% cotton covering, all natural coconut palm foundation
  • JPMA certified and 10-year limited warranty
Dimensions: 52 inches x 27.5 inches x 6 inches
Reviews: Best Organic Mattress Reviews
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