Crib Soother and Sound Machine Reviews

Sound machine reviewsSleep soothers, or sound machines, are incredibly helpful to put in baby’s room. By providing a consistent, soothing noise when you put your baby to bed, these devices help teach your infant that it’s time to go to sleep.
Benefits of Soothers & Sound Machines
Baby Soother Reviews
Sound Machine Reviews

Benefits of Soothers and Sound Machines

Baby sleep sheep sootherA sound machine is one of those kinds of baby gear that you might think you can do without. However, there are a few reasons you might want to add one to your baby sleep bag-of-tricks:

  1. Soothing sounds for bedtime. You can make a lullaby or sound effect part of the nightly routine – an audible clue that tells your baby it’s time to go to sleep for the night.
  2. Drown out other noise to prevent wake-ups. You can’t control every noise around your house, like neighbor dogs barking or some joker mowing his lawn right in the middle of nap time. A sound machine provides constant white noise to help drown these things out.
  3. A comfort for nighttime wake-ups. It’s nice to have a little soothing music to flip on if your baby wakes up and is fussing a little. This has

Baby Soother Reviews

Here, I review the top-selling baby soothers on Amazon and discuss the features of each. First up: soft, plush baby soothers that your baby can touch and hold.

Sleep Sheep Soother

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

Sleep Sheep Soother reviews
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  • 4 different soothing sounds
  • Velcro tab for securing outside crib
  • Removable sound box

Soother Review:
This soft and cuddly plush toy plays four soothing noises: mother’s heartbeat, spring showers, ocean’s relaxing surf and whale songs. It plays for 23 minutes and then shuts off automatically. The sound box has adjustable volume, and is removable. The Sleep Sheep also comes with velcro straps so that you can attach it to a crib or stroller. This is the #1 baby soother on Amazon, and the #2 soother is a smaller travel sleep sheep.

Gentle Giraffe Baby Soother

Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Travel Soother

Gentle Giraffe Soother reviews
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  • Award-winning travel companion from Cloud B
  • 23 and 45 minute timers
  • Ideal for strollers, car seats, or baby carriers.

Soother Review:
The travel-size Gentle Giraffe features four peaceful sounds: Safari Groove, Victoria Falls, Jungle Trails and Babbling Brook. The auto-shutoff timer can be set for either 23 or 45 minutes, and the giraffe comes with velcro straps so that you can attach it to a stroller, crib, or car seat. This little guy is adorable!

Slumber Bear with Silkie Blanket

Slumber Bear Soother reviews
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  • Invented by a doctor and used in hospital nurseries for 27 years
  • Requires AAA batteries.
  • Baby’s sound or movement activates bear’s soothing sounds.

Soother Review:
The Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear is a sort of “audible pacifier” that your baby can cuddle. A unique feature is that it plays an actual recording taken inside a mother’s womb, for the most natural soothing sound that you can offer your baby. In addition to a soft silk blanket, this guy has little velcro paws for attaching to crib bars or strollers.

Sound Machine Reviews

Sound machines are like little music boxes that hang on the crib or sit on a table in your baby’s room. These aren’t as cuddly, but they usually have a wider range of music, sound effects, and volume controls.

Sleepmate Sound Machine

Marpac Dohm Dual Speed Sound Conditioner

Sleepmate Sound Machine reviews
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  • White noise generator with 2-speed operation
  • Measures 5.8″ in diameter, 3.8″ tall; weighs 1.8 pounds
  • Made in the USA of durable plastic
  • One-year warranty

Sound Machine Review:
Marpac Dohm invented the original sound conditioner in 1962. The modern version remains simple but effective: it creates pure white noise with the sound of rushing air. Not only does it provide a comforting background sound, but drowns out any noises that might wake the baby. It’s compact and lightweight so it won’t take up a lot of room on a shelf or changing table. More importantly, you can bring it wherever the baby goes to help your little one sleep.

This is currently the #1 selling “sound conditioner” and with about 1700 people giving it 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, you can’t go wrong. Get one for your room too!

Graco Sound Machine with Ipod

Graco Sound Machine

Graco Sound Machine reviews
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  • 12 soothing sounds included, plus port to plug in Ipod or MP3 player
  • Handy soft glow night light
  • Compact size for easy travel

Sound Machine Review:
The sound machine combines a soft-glow night light with 12 high-quality soothing sounds (white noise, nature sounds and lullabies). You can also plug your MP3 player into the auxiliary port and play your own sounds or music for your baby. One great feature is that you can plug it in or run it on batteries. Plus, it’s small and compact and thus travels quite well.

Kids Sleep Machine

Kids Sleep Machine

Kids Sleep Machine reviews
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  • A night-light, wake-up indicator, and alarm clock in one
  • Helps kids stay in bed until it’s time to get up.
  • Three levels of brightness

Sound Machine Review:
This is a visual soother, designed to help your baby self-regulate at night. The blue light and sleeping image remains lit when your child should be asleep; the bright and sunny image lights up when it’s time for him to wake up. There’s an optional alarm so that older children can use it as an alarm clock.

Why Buy A Sound Machine?

If you don’t have a crib soother or sound machine in the nursery, get one right now! There are few better things that you can buy, inexpensively, and quickly improve your baby’s sleep habits. Sound machines drown out the noisy guy in the apartment upstairs and the jerk neighbor who has to mow his lawn during nap time.

They provide a soothing background sound that your baby learns to associate with the comfort of his or her own bed. Heck, we use one in our own room for the very same reasons.

Get one of these. You won’t regret it.

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