Newborn Baby Carrier Reviews

newborn baby carrier reviewsWhen you’re running errands, taking a walk, or meeting up with friends, a newborn baby carrier can be incredibly useful. There are a lot of choices for these: carriers that hold the baby in front, backpack carriers, and carriers that you tote along.

We made the mistake (with our first daughter) of buying a cheap baby carrier at a discount store. It looked great, but was completely useless. Therefore I set out to find some better options. I hope you’ll find these newborn baby carrier reviews helpful!
Soft Baby Wraps
Baby K’tan Carriers
Baby Bjorn Carriers
ErgoBaby Carriers
Baby Backpack Carriers

Soft Wrap Carriers

Soft wrap carriers are a unique option for snuggling your little one against you in a stylish, soft, hands-free body wrap. These are lightweight and less expensive, and generally more useful for newborns than older babies.

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier Moby Wrap Soft Baby Carrier
Reviews: Moby Wrap Carrier Reviews
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  • Unique, intimate way to hold your newborn
  • Wide piece of fabric to wrap around shoulders
  • Distributes weight evenly between shoulders and back
  • For newborns up to 35 pounds

Baby Carrier Review:

A new and wildly popular approach to baby carriers, the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier includes a wide piece of fabric (100% cotton) that wraps around your back and shoulders. This distributes the weight evenly while keeping your baby warm and cozy against you. It’s a great way to bond with your little one while simultaneously freeing up your hands to get a few things done.

This carrier is very comfortable and easy to wear – I like that it has no buckles, straps, or other confusing gadgets that are hard to figure out. You just wrap it around your baby and yourself. There’s even a breathable stretch of fabric you can use to help support your newborn’s head.

You get two free hands and an ergonomic way to carry your baby’s weight. Your little one gets to bask in your warmth and listen to your heartbeat. It’s a win-win!

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Baby K’tan Carrier

Here’s a sling-style carrier that offers six different carrying positions, while blending the comfort of a baby wrap with the comfort of sling-type models.

Baby Ktan carrier Baby K’tan Baby Carrier
Reviews: Baby K'tan newborn carrier reviews
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  • Over 6 positions from preemie to preschool (35 lbs.)
  • 100% natural cotton double Sling design
  • No wrapping, no hardware, rests comfortably on both shoulders
  • Machine washable and dryer safe

Baby Carrier Review:

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is an innovative 100% natural soft cotton baby carrier that is an ideal blend of a sling, wrap and carrier, providing the positions and benefits of all three. The Baby K’tan has six different carrying positions, letting you tote your little one around from birth to 3 years of age. One position even lets you privately nurse your baby.

The Baby Kt’an is lightweight and compact like a sling, yet goes over both shoulders to evenly distribute baby’s weight like a structured carrier.

What I like about this carrier is that it’s ready-to-wear, with NO buckles, snaps, rings or hardware. Instead, the double-loop design makes it easy to put on and take off, while providing excellent support and privacy for nursing mothers.

BABYBJÖRN Newborn Carriers

The Baby Bjorn is perhaps the best-known traditional baby carrier: well-made, secure, supportive, and top of the line. These are the best of the best when it comes to baby carriers.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier
Baby Bjorn Newborn Carrier
BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Synergy
Reviews: BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Reviews
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  • Breathable mesh fabric efficiently reduces heat and moisture
  • Enhanced lumbar panel provides maximum support for the lower back
  • Comfortable, wide shoulder straps distribute baby’s weight evenly
  • Carrier front can be removed completely to lay down a sleeping baby
  • Folds compactly into a convenient pouch attached inside the carrier

Baby Carrier Review:

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Synergy (Black) is perhaps the best-known baby carrier, offering the ultimate in comfort for carrying your baby while keeping your hands free.

Designed for Extra Comfort

The Synergy model is made of airy, breathable mesh fabric and has enhanced lumbar support. This system is designed to let you carry heavier babies for longer periods of time while keeping your hands free for other tasks and giving your lower back extra support.

Made of Safe, Comfortable, Non-toxic Materials

All fabrics and materials used in BABYBJÖRN Baby Carriers that come into contact with baby’s skin meet international safety standards for textiles, and contain no health-hazardous substances. This means that during your baby’s teething phase, you can allow your baby to nibble or suck on the fabric without worry.

For your baby’s comfort, the airy, mesh material feels soft to baby’s cheeks and won’t irritate sensitive skin. And, for your convenience, it is machine washable and dries quickly.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Air
Reviews: BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Reviews
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  • One-of-a-kind mesh material that releases heat and moisture
  • Great for keeping mom and baby cool, especially in summer
  • Wide padded shoulder straps
  • Sliding buckle to accommodate your growing baby

Baby Carrier Review:

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Air Carrier is a lighter-weight version that’s perfect for hot summer months or warmer climates. It’s constructed with a unique mesh material (designed specifically for Baby Bjorn) that wicks away heat and moisture, letting you and your baby stay cool and comfortable.

The light, airy mesh is super-soft, so your baby will snuggle quite comfortably against it.

This carrier also opens all the way in the front so that you can slide out your sleeping baby without waking him or her. The wide straps are designed to distribute the weight evenly across your back and shoulders. There’s also an adjustable head support.

You’ll probably want your newborn to face against you in the carrier, but you can also turn an older baby around so that he or she can see out. This is a nice feature, because the older they are, the more entertainment (and sadly, less snuggling) they often seem to need.


ERGObaby Newborn Carriers

ERGObaby is really giving Baby Bjorn a run for their money. These carriers are designed for ergonomic support of the parent while carrying the baby’s weight. They have both an original model and an organic materials carrier.

ERGObaby Original Carrier ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier
Reviews: ERGObaby Original Newborn Carrier reviews
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  • Made of 14 ounce cotton canvas
  • 400 threads per inch cotton poplin lining and hood
  • 100% cotton batting in body of carrier to soften edges
  • Sleeping hood adjusts in length to growth of baby

Baby Carrier Review:

The ERGO Baby Carrier is currently the #2 selling carrier on Amazon. ergonomic design supports a correct sitting position for the newborn’s hip, pelvis and spine growth. High-density foam filling in the shoulder straps and waist belt help make it comfortable for mom and dad, too. The buckles are by National Molding and tested up to 235 pounds, though if your baby weighs that much, you have other problems.

I like that the sleeping hood adjusts so that you can keep using this as your baby grows – one of the saddest days is when your baby’s just too big for the carrier.

There are several color options; the black/camel model is shown, but it also comes in cranberry, grey, and “sport black” (solid black with cool white stitching).

ERGObaby Organic Carrier ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier
Reviews: ERGObaby Organic Carrier reviews
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  • 100% organic cotton and sateen materials
  • Padded shoulder straps and a waist belt
  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle
  • Baby’s legs are supported in a natural sitting position

Baby Carrier Review:

If you prefer to buy organic, then I have a baby carrier for you.

This carrier has all the advantages of the ERGO Baby Original Carrier, with the added benefit of being crafted from 100% organic cotton and sateen materials. Like the original model, it provides ergonomic support for your newborn’s hips, pelvis, and spine while keeping the parent comfortable with high-density foam padded straps. The advantage of this design is that it puts all of the weight on your hips, rather than your shoulders or lower back. It’s also easier to put on and take off than some of the other carriers, without requiring long strap adjustments.

Even though it’s made of cotton (organic cotton at that), you can machine-wash this carrier in cold water on the gentle cycle. The Highland Green color is shown; it’s also available in Desert Yellow and Navy Blue.

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Baby Backpack Carriers

Last but not least, I just had to review my favorite backpack baby carrier. These are truly hands-free, and they let your baby look at you, smell you, even reach out and touch you at all time. The real advantage to backpack style carriers is in how they distribute the weight: rather than pulling your shoulders forward, they pull your shoulders back (less weight on the lower back).

Chicco Baby Carrier Chicco Smart Support Backpack
Reviews: Chicco Baby Carrier reviews
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  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Distributes baby’s weight evenly
  • Standard bag / carry-all belt bag included
  • Hood with rain cover

Baby Carrier Review:

This Italian-designed backpack has a height adjustable seat to give your newborn the perfect ride. Energy-absorbing lumbar cushions and padded mesh shoulder straps help you keep cool and comfortable. The frame is made of aluminum, so it’s sturdy but lightweight. There’s a kickstand to keep the whole thing stable while you load or unload your baby.

What I like about this baby carrier backpack is that it includes a water-resistant canopy, sun visor, and ventilated, zip-off rain cover. This will protect your baby from the rain, sun, and wind while providing some ventilation to keep you both comfortable. And the frame is specially designed to distribute your baby’s weight, to minimize the strain on your back and shoulders.

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